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Nowadays, among so many images that are uploaded online every day, you can lose a lot if you do not know how to protect your intellectual property.
As a creator, you should take a responsibility to take care of your work and make sure that no one will your work without your permission.


Inspiration resources.

There are many times when we suffer creative block, struggling to figure out what to draw, design or photograph next. No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way. 
The web is the perfect playground to explore and be inspired by an endless range of art , photography, graphic design or illustrations.  


Inspired by art

This is my first blog post and I think it should be something useful for everyone.
I always wanted to write and share (maybe that’s one of the reasons I started this site) I just love to share.
I’ve always liked to communicate with people. I liked to talk about ideas, about human lives and stories.