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Frequently Asked Questions About Fine Art Prints

What printing options do you offer?

We currently offer a total of five luxury printing options to choose from and four sizes for each option. These are UltraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, Acrylic UltraHD Metallic Print, UltraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond, Matte Canvas On Stretcher Frame, and a Premium Glossy or Matte Image with a Shadow Box Frame.

I would like to order a size other than the ones available in the store. Are there other print size options to choose from?

You can place a custom order with your preferred size. Because we know the bigger the better. You have to contact our sales department to help you with this. To contact our help department visit this page.

How long does the consultation with an expert take before I order a print?

The consultation usually takes no more than 10 minutes. During this time, our consultant will understand your needs and find you the best solution for you. You can contact our sales team on our contact page.

What are the options available for consultation with your team?

You can choose between two options.
Consultation with a sales expert by phone and consultation with one of our experts via email.
You choose which option is more suitable for you. To speak with a sales expert fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

If I order a fine art print, how do I help the environment?

Ordering a fine art print from helps the environment. Part of the money paid for your order will be donated for planting trees in severely affected areas. 

Where can I find an overview of all the prices?

You can find our fine art printing options and prices here

What countries do you deliver to?

Currently, if you purchase directly from our shop, we deliver only to the following counties:
United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and Belgium.
However, if you want to order and have it delivered to another country, you will have to contact our sales team. They will give you more information about the delivery options for your country and help you with your purchase. You can contact the sales team here.

How will my order be packaged and shipped?

We send your product in secure, custom-made packaging designed specifically for art and use selected shipping partners for your safe shipping.

How do I clean Acrylic Photo Prints, Metal Prints or Photo Canvases?

You can dust your picture with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth (a microfiber cloth, for example). To make sure you can enjoy your fine art piece for as long as possible do not use any glass cleaning products for acrylic or aluminum mounting. Avoid applying too much pressure when wiping the surface.

How durable are digital prints and photographic prints?

The long-term stability of pigment prints and real photographic prints is one of the most important indicators of its quality. For this reason, our partners exclusively use brand-name manufacturers for all the materials we use, and production methods proven over many years. For rinsing, fixing, and drying, we make an extra special effort to further increase the durability. As a result, we can promise fade-resistant prints and photographs for at least 75 years in exhibition conditions. You can also positively influence the colorfastness by keeping direct sunlight and high humidity away from your piece.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Tutorials

How can i buy video tutorials from this site?

You can purchase video tutorials by making an online payment with PayPal or a credit card.
All payment methods are absolutely secure.