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If you are a photographer you must read this

Nowadays, among so many images that are uploaded online every day, you can lose a lot if you do not know how to protect your intellectual property.
As a creator, you should take a responsibility to take care of your work and make sure that no one will work without your permission.

We have all seen how some people use someone else’s property without the knowledge of their creators, and this may have a negative impact.

Online you can not keep track of everything and as an artist, I am sure you have something better to do.
Putting additional watermarks may work but isn’t the most effective option, especially when someone more advanced has decided to use your work without permission, because if he is creative enough, he may try to remove it.
So in the rapidly growing world, we need something better to be able to monitor and if you want to find the information if someone uses your photos without permission.

For such a case, I will share a site I’ve recently found to help you monitor if anyone uses your work without permission and if that is the case if you do not like it, you can take action to prevent it.
This is Copytrack, this company based in Berlin, Germany with an office in New York uses sophisticated scanning equipment to detect website photo pirates and sends emails to violators to work out a licensing payment to the owner of the photo. If they do not respond, the company may take action in your favor and on your behalf and will do their best to win the case, but what will they get if this happens maybe you wonder, Well, you will share the profit of the winning.

If you want to learn and find out more about this company that started work and was founded in 2015, it currently has a global network, over 65 million images in their database, about 35 employees worldwide and others visit Copytrack.

Photo by Sydney Rae.

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