For the last few years photography is an integral part of my everyday life.
I had the opportunity and the pleasure to work for an outsourcing company dealing with retouching and processing images for large and international clients with various projects.

Over the past 6 years, I had а chance to work with clients from:
England, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.
I have different publications in international magazines, as the main post-production specialist who works with interesting and independent professionals.
I have several publications in international magazines as a photographer in Italy, USA and Switzerland, also for the past year I had the pleasure to see some of my work published in some of the biggest photography sharing sites and published on dozens photography accounts on Instagram which combined have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Over the years I worked on post processing, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of photographic projects in different genres of photography such as advertising, fashion, landscape, commodity, food and beverages, interior, car and others, but my favorites are advertising and portrait photography which I have been focusing right now.

With the acquired knowledge over the years I have trained and assisted dozens of people to reach a highly professional level in image processing that worthy of the international market and I am ready to share with you all I know to be able to apply it in your work.



Having Fun while working on a projects is essential for the results later on.


Me and my team are willing to provide you the best quality services and products available for your project.

Percent Success Rate

Success is incredibly important that's why the planning of our work is also an important part of the workflow.

Love the process

To reach the maxim of it's potential it has to be done with love and be able to expand your imagination.


Let's work together

light composure

Light is essential. In order to achieve results that are different from the average we all should have mastery of light and know well how to work with it.

Professional skills

Working with big companies over the years has taught me to understand what each client needs in order to achieve the best that each client deserves.

Perfect Equipment

One of the best we can do for our customers is to take care of providing them with the right equipment for them and their needs.

ultra hd

The quality of our products are important for the future professional relationships with our clients.


Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.

focusing knowledge

 Sharing knowledge is essential to the development of each one of us so I am aiming to share with as many people as possible.